• User Has Not Received Invitation
    If you have sent an invitation to a user, they should have received it in their email inbox. If they have not, please ask them to check their email Spam and Trash folders. If they still cannot find the email, please contact us at for us to troubleshoot with the user.Whe...
  • "Password is Wrong" Message
    To reset your password, click on the ''Don't remember your password?'' text on the login page.    If you are not receiving the reset email, and you cannot find it in your junk mail, please contact us at
  • Can't See Data After Logging In
    If this is the first time you are logging in, then something might have gone wrong when creating your account. Please contact with your account details (email, name, URL) for us to investigate. Please also open the Year Over Year dashboard. Are you seeing any data there...
  • Issues with the Log-in
    You might face different situations when you get an issue during the log-in. I've added  below the most common cases:   Forever loading screen after login Try refreshing your screen and/or waiting 5 minutes:  If you're using Internet Explorer or Opera to browse the platform, this may be causing ...
  • "Connection Denied" Message
    If you are seeing this error message:   Then your firewall settings are blocking traffic from either Holland or Lithuania (where we have our data centers). Please ask your administrator to unblock either of these two countries.