• Adding and Updating Events and Instances
    Here we show you what happens when you add events to your ticketing system   New events and instances that you create in Spektrix will show up automatically in crowdEngage once they're set up in your ticketing system. We check for changes every hour, so you should see those reflected in crowdEnga...
  • Using crowdEngage for Agency Sales via the Spektrix Agency API
    Here we show you how to offer mobile ticketing and pre-orders for agency customers as well as direct bookings   For venues Go to the Attribute Templates section within the Spektrix Settings interface. Add three new Order text attributes, named exactly as follows: CrowdEngageAgentCustomerFir...
  • Setting up the Spektrix Integration
    This article explains the steps to link crowdEngage and Spektrix crowdEngage needs two Spektrix accounts to pull in your ticketing data - one for the API, and another for the Insights & Mailings interface.   API v3 user Head to the settings interface (